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    Wotofo Recurve RDA was sent to me for review from HealthCabin

    The Wotofo Recurve RDA comes in a small green and black box with a transparent window that allows you to see the Recurve inside. It comes in 6 colors: Black, Gunmetal, Stainless steel, Blue, Gold and Rainbow. Open up the box and you’ll find:

    - 1 x Wotofo Recurve RDA
    - 1 x Spare 810 Drip Tip
    - 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    - 1 x Squonk Pin (preinstalled)
    - 3 x Wotofo Coil
    - 1 x Japanese Cotton
    - 1 x Spare Parts
    - User Manual



    The Recurve RDA is truly built like no other. Its design is impressive, easy to use, and creates the ultimate vaping experience. This RDA is 24 mm in diameter, which is just wide enough to provide space without feeling too bulky. This unit has a very deep juice well. It is made out of a 316 stainless steel alloy, making it durable. It will be a great tool to bring on-the-go without having to worry about the potential damage that could occur.

    As previously mentioned, this RDA has a bow-shaped wall sleeve designed to create the best hits possible. It also has a unique postless, four terminal build platform. The benefits of this postless deck RDA include having a lot more room to wick. It can also enhance airflow, making for higher quality vapor and enhanced flavor.


    The Drip Tip:

    The drip tip is 810 sized and made from resin. I really like the mottled pattern on this! The curve of the drip tip fits in the mouth very comfortably too!

    Also, you can use the 510 drip tip adapter that is included in the box to use your own 510 sized drip tip.

    The Airflow Barrel:

    Below the drip tip, is the airflow barrel. It is made from a thick stainless steel. The first thing that sticks out for me, are the sleek curves on the sides and how thick it is!
    Drilled into opposite sides of the airflow barrel are the airflow holes. There are 6 holes on either side. If you turn the barrel on the deck, you can change the airflow to what suits you best.

    In between the airflow holes, there is Recurve engraved into the metal.
    The inside of the Recurve RDA is equally as curvy! At the top near the drip tip, it is domed to produce some absolutely lovely flavour!


    Build deck:

    The Recurve has a postless deck that will easily fit large coils. It is shaped like a half-pipe and seems to be sand-blasted. Wotofo offers two very useful coil tools which will help with measuring the length of the coil legs. I’d advise using them, at least for the first couple of builds. After that, you will know more or less where to cut the legs.

    Building the Recurve is easy as 1-2-3. Insert your coil legs in two of the four holes on the deck, secure them with the Philips/flat head screws and that’s it for coil placement. Cotton can then be stuffed in the two large wicking ports, one on each side of the deck. Everything falls into place. As you might have noticed, I am a fan of the Recurve’s build deck as well. It is clean and intuitive.



    For my first build on the Wotofo Recurve I went with the supplied coils. They are listed as quad-core nichrome Claptons on Wotofo’s website, and came out at 0.25 ohms. I got some fancy colors out of those but, to be honest, they didn’t seem to last for long. I soon replaced them with my favorite handmade aliens.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Recurve is that it really vapes like a dual-coil RDA. The vape is dense and saturated. It seems like Mike and Wotofo managed to strike the perfect balance when it comes to chamber size and airflow distribution. Flavor is top-notch, and vapor production has been very satisfying with exotic builds, especially considering it is a single-coil RDA.

    The angled airflow design makes this one very hard to leak. You can still do it if you over-squonk, but even then it won’t be a disastrous leak. Talking about squonking, I found that the deck and general design of the Recurve favor it. Liquid coming from the squonk pin gets distributed in the wicking channels evenly. The Recurve also wicks like a champ from the bottom so I’d say it’s a squonk-first RDA that can also be easily used as a dripping RDA.

    Final Verdict:

    The Wotofo Recurve is an amazing flavor RDA. It delivers one of the most phenomenal flavor profiles out of any RDA that we’ve tested, and this is thanks to its half-pipe shaped deck, small flavor chamber, and practical airflow design.

    There is a problem or two, such as the screws being extremely low-quality and the Recurve being prone to leak if you over-drip, but these are things that I can look past in return for the flavor it delivers. Where the Recurve really shines is when used as a squonk RDA, as the channels distribute the juice evenly and make for a great vaping experience.

    I highly recommend the Wotofo Recurve RDA. Coming from two well-known names in the vaping space, it’s definitely worth checking out for yourself.

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