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    I meant to say this yesterday on National Save Vaping Day, but about a week ago I sent a stern but polite letter to one of my state senators & my local Rep. I had already signed the petitions weeks ago.

    Then a few days ago I sent a letter to my other Senator & my Ohio governor. Been trying to do everything I can to fight against this flavor ban BS. Gonna start calling lawmakers on the phone likely today.

    But I feel that what some people are saying about not enough of us getting involved is true. No one is gonna sign a petition, write a letter, or make a call for you if you're a vaper & you care about your rights.
    There are well over 10 million of us, & the couple hundred thousand signatures gathered, although welcome, is frankly pathetic. What is that, maybe 1 in 100 vapers willing to do the bare minimum? It's not nearly enough.

    Wait too long & those of us who sat on their hands will never know the difference they could've made. Do I really need to point out that we stand stronger together?

    But I haven't lost hope, & neither should you!

    If you're reading this & you haven't already, please contact your state governor, state senators, & district rep & tell them that a flavor ban is a terrible idea! Assume they know nothing & set them straight on the facts. Be stern but polite, as I mentioned. Get the vapers in your life fired up & involved!

    We need more help if the industry as we know it will survive the flavor ban.

    Just wanted to get that off my chest. :)
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