VOOPOO FINIC Fish with Gene. Pod Chip to Restore the True Flavors!

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    Nov 30, 2018
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    What pod vapes do have you used? Do you know how many pod vapes does VOOPOO possess?

    Four in total! They are VFL, Panda, Rota and Fish Pod! We are always improving and making great progress. Stay tuned that we will design much more user-friendly vape products!
    Fish Pod, the fourth pod vape, is equipped with the brand-new Gene chip, Gene. Pod chip. Gene pod chip makes Fish Pod remain constant voltage output as the battery discharges. Of course, the flavor will remain the same at all times. Theoretically, vapor production will remain the same as the first puff.
    When you run out of ejuice in the Fish pod and would like to fulfill it, Fish Pod is very convenient and simple to operate. Just one step, then you could experience the true flavor of the ejuice. Furthermore, Fish pod can satisfy your great need of nicotine salts!
    Just like FINIC 20 AIO Kit, Fish Pod has six colors, too. Three are in simple colors and three in illustration arts. This time, we don't have a story for you. We just want you to create a story of your own! Hope these different styles could show your own personality!


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