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    Please contact @Admin to begin the verification process for your FREE subforum if you meet the requirements below.

    All vendors must be registered companies and have been in business for at least 6 months. Please provide proof of this when applying for a subforum.

    2. All vendors must link back to the VI forums from their home page using a dofollow text link or one of the provided banners. Removal of this link/banner will result in deletion of the vendors sub forum.

    3. We encourage vendors to genuinely participate and become contributing members of this forum. If you see a thread or a review that pertains to a product you have, please feel free to comment or offer special pricing. However, please refrain from excessive promotion in a thread. Posting discounts in another vendors thread or subforum is also prohibited. If a moderator feels like a vendor is being too spammy they will take appropriate action and issue a warning.

    4. You are responsible for moderating and maintaining an active subforum. Forum moderators will only moderate your forum when one of the core forum rules have been broken. We ask that vendors don't delete negative feedback but instead respond addressing the customer's concerns.

    5. Vendors are prohibited from slandering other vendors or talking about vendors in a negative light.

    6. If you would like to run a product giveaway, please contact @Admin. We run a weekly referral competition that can provide great exposure for your brand.

    7. Vendor subforums can be removed if vendors fail to address customer complaints or negative verified customer reviews dramatically outweigh positive reviews.

    8. Only one member account is permitted per vendor unless granted an exception. Please contact Admin or a moderator to explain why you need multiple accounts in order to have an exception granted.

    9. Vendors are not allowed to blindly PM members pitching sales promotions. If a member asks for information on products via a private message , that is allowed.

    10. Vendor giveaways posted on our forum cannot ask members to enter them via social media outlets, rather they need to be done through the weekly referral competition or a forum sponsored giveaway here on VI . Doing so will result in a thread closure and possible deletion of that thread and a warning. On forum giveaways (those that are run and given to members of VI) in the Vendor subforums is allowed.
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