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    Affected by the epidemic, face masks have become a must-have item for us. A mask can prevent you from infecting others, and it can also protect you to a certain extent. In the streets and alleys, we can see people wearing various
    personalized face mask some of which look very cute and make us feel happy. We are a company that specializes in custom masks. You can design your own mouthguards and mouth and nose masks, and attach text, name, logo, company logo, advertisements, images and patterns. We will print them separately according to your wishes. You can Customize any mask style you want. Let me introduce our products to you.

    Adult decorative dust polyester mask custom and print with your photos/patterns or name


    Adult decorative dust polyester mask is definitely a high-quality mask, which can be perfectly reflected in its production details. Adult decorative dust polyester custom face mask with picture is made of high-quality lining, which is very flat; the size is increased, so it is more suitable for your face shape; high-quality fabrics have a strong three-dimensional effect; elastic ear straps, durable and not ball; good sewing technology, more beautiful and wireless heads, stronger wrapping, etc.

    Whether individual photos, collages, faces, texts or pictures you have painted yourself, since you can have the front of your mask individually printed, the look of the mask is entirely up to you.

    Other description:

    Material description: Polyester
    English name: Decorative dust mask
    Product number: JJ0521168
    Production process: Heat transfer


    Washing instructions:

    Hand wash in cold water below 40 ℃, wash with detergent or soap, hang to dry.

    Design description:

    Design area: Single-sided printing
    Picture requirements: 1000 px * 740 px

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