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Discussion in 'Kits' started by Sam B, Jun 7, 2019.

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    Feb 28, 2019
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    I remember when vaporesso first came into play, small company but producing some really nice devices, (QUALITY) not quantity was how me and my vaping buddies referred to vaporesso, I bought a revenge as soon as it was available and loved it and used it daily until it was stolen from me, I always ment to replace it but got caught up in other stuff, so to the point of this post, I've been looking at all the devices vaporesso has been putting out and ive been concentrating on the polar kit, well I was online window shopping and there was a company having a fantastic sale and they had a awesome price on the polar kit so I jumped on it, and am I so happy I did, this kit is just incredible, the mod has all the bells and whistles and it has that same ergonomic feel in the hand so reminiscent of the revenge and the omni 4 board is just insane, no ramp up at all, the fastest firing I have ever seen, options out the gazoo, beautiful screen, and looks great, the cascade baby se tank is a fantastic tank, yeah it's not a falcon or a crown 4, but it holds it's own, the mesh gt mesh coil is on point, the top fill child proof sliding mechanism is innovative, I am just so pleased and beyond happy with this kit, I haven't been able to put it down, I love it, and I don't say that very often, I say I really like a device if it's a good one but when I say I love it i mean it, so yeah, i know this is a last year kit but hey, I believe this one is going to be around for awhile, so hat's off to vaporesso, your still all about quality and not so much about quantity, so people I thought I would just share my opinion and that's subjective, about vaporesso and the POLAR KIT!!
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    agree with you:emoji_slight_smile:

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