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    Hi Vaping Insider members, in this review i take a look at the Mate 1 from Vapeccino. The Mate 1 was supplied for the purpose of this review by Vapeccino.

    In the Box



    1 - Refillable Pod
    1 - Battery
    1 - USB Cable
    1 - User manual


    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Mate 1 has the same elongated rectangular shape that a few other pod devices have but is slightly larger than the average, allowing for a slightly bigger battery but it's still a size which i would say is pocket friendly and can be used as a stealth vape. The device is made from some sort of metal and has a grippy texture to the finish, i received the Legend Black but it also comes in Eagle Grey. Front and back isn't a flat surface but rises on a slight gradient for 75% and then lowers on a steeper gradient the other 25% making the 2 sides of the device the same size. At the top of the device where the pod is inputted we have 3 elongated cutouts front and back which follow the same contours as the rest of the device, visibility of juice level is very good. The front of the device towards the bottom on the downwards slope, we have printed " VAPECCINO" and to the right at the bottom is the battery indication light. The base of of the device houses the micro USB port, i must say the Mate 1 has a nice sleek look to it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    110mm (L) x 20.5mm (W) x 10.25mm thick
    410 mAh Internal Battery
    56 Day Standby Time
    1.0 ohm or 1.5 ohm pod options
    vCharge Tech Charging System
    Pod Capacity: 1.5ml
    Colours: Legend Black, Eagle Grey



    Over/under voltage protection
    Side-to-bottom airflow
    Resistance recognition
    Sleek design
    Intelligent vibration
    Smart LED display
    Golden Core Tech
    165 puffs per charge
    Short 25 minute charging time
    Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung options


    The Pods

    The Mate 1 comes supplied with a MTL pod, which need's to be filled with e-liquid.
    When looking at the bottom we have 2 contacts and to the side is the fill port with a blue bung which can be easily pulled out via a little tab. The fill port is quite small but i had no issues with spillage when filling. On the opposite side to the fill port is two tiny slits for airflow. The mouthpiece has a tiny hole, 2 small 1.5mm squares either side of the hole and 2 outer rectangles half the size of the squares, these openings is where you draw your vape from. The Direct Lung pod which is available is identical apart from also having duel side airflows on the mouthpiece and the lower plastic parts and bung are clear rather than blue. There is no way of priming the coils, so once filled the pod needs to be left for 10 minutes, having the occasional pull before fitting to the battery.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Using the Mate 1

    As all pod systems of this kind, if there's charge on the battery you can vape, with no fire button it is activated by the pull you take. When putting your pod in the device and it makes connection the Mate 1 vibrates once and the indicator light comes on for 2 seconds. The vibrate is an alert, 1 vibration for connection, 2 vibrations when the battery life is less than 15% and if there is a bad connection it vibrates 3 times. As mentioned the device has a battery indication light which lights up when you vape, when it's green there is between 60% - 100%, when it's blue there is between 35% - 60% and red means it's between 0% - 35%. The Mate 1 has various protections which are over-vape protection, short circuit protection, high temperature when charging and discharging protection, zero watt charge protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overload protection and auto shutdown for poor connection.



    I don't personally go for a pod system normally and after I've reviewed them they become my wife's but i do remember when i first starting vaping and can recognise their worth to both the starter and those that just prefer them. I was interested in the GCT (Golden Core Technology), using gold plated coils which is claimed to give a purer taste and gunk up less giving longer life. The supplied MTL pod gave good flavour compared to other pod devices but nothing special so at this stage not too convinced the coils give a purer taste however the wife is still using this device with the MTL pod and the flavour has stayed the same even after quite a bit of use so they do seem to give longer life, it also gives a fair amount of cloud. I was also supplied with a couple of DL pods which i found superb, they give a decent DL vape and was very surprised to find the flavour was excellent, far better than the MTL pod which i wasn't expecting. Depending on the pull you take with the DL pod the cloud production was quite impressive. The only issue i had with the DL pod was you have to make sure you only put the very end of the mouthpiece in your mouth else you block the airflow. I always have some 50/50 juice at home for when i get products like the Mate 1 to review but like an idiot forgot to use it and used 70%vg but it kept up no problems. The battery is 410mAh and gives 165 puffs which is good for a pod system of this kind and the battery takes only 25 minutes to fully charge.



    A very good open pod device which allows user to both MTL and DL vape. It gives good flavour especially with DL pod and pods seem to keep good flavour for a long period.


    25 mins charge
    Good battery life indication
    Excellent flavour with DL pod
    Surprisingly good cloud for pod device
    Coil longevity
    Allowed use of high VG juice
    Good visibility of juice level
    Good battery life
    Nice sleek design
    Multiple protections.


    Expected better flavour from MTL pod
    Side airflow on mouthpiece too high

    I would once again like to thank Vapeccino for supplying the Mate 1 for the purpose of this review.

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