Vape South America: Paraguay 2019

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    Location: Bourbon Asunción Convention Hotel
    Address: Av. Sudamericana, 3104, Asunción 0000, Paraguay
    Dates: 27 & 28 January, 2019
    Time: 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Description: Vape South America Expo is excited to announce that our next South American vape event will be held in Asunción, Paraguay. Our goal is to host vape conventions/vape expos in areas where there is a high demand for premium eLiquids, hardware and wholesale suppliers, but don’t yet have any access to these products and services. This gives our exhibitors a chance to be the first to market in Paraguay. We also expect thousands of consumers which will build demand for vape products for local vape stores. Attending Vape South America: Paraguay 2019 is also a great opportunity for vape shops and distributors to sample new products for their store. We can’t wait to see you at the show!

    Vape South America: Parguay 2019 is brought to you by Vape Conventions (

    Event Organizer:
    Jason Monti
    Exhibitor Relations & Sales, Vape South America
    Phone: 631-777-3455

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