Steam Crave Hadron 220W & Squonk Backpack Review

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    Steam Crave Hadron 220W & Squonk Backpack

    The Steam Crave Hadron 220W mod is an absolute beast. It can house tanks or atomisers up to 38mm without any overhang, takes two 21700 batteries, has a max power output of 220W, and has a YiHi chipset onboard. You can also attach the additional squonk backpack, converting the mod into an 18ml squonker.

    I’ve been using the Hadron with the Steam Crave Ragnar sitting on top, which has been an ideal pairing.

    Let’s have a look at the Hadron 220W.

    Disclaimer: I was sent the Hadron 220W and squonk backpack for review by Steam Crave.

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    Box Contents
    • Hadron 220W mod
    • Spare o-rings and seals
    • Micro USB cable
    • 18650 battery adapter
    • Manual
    • Height: 99.2mm
    • Width: 48mm
    • Depth: 38mm
    • Dual 21700 battery (dual 18650 using adapter)
    • Power Output: 5-220W
    • YiHi SX480 chipset
    • Optional 18ml squonk backpack
    Design & Build Quality
    Upon opening the box I was first struck by how large the Hadron is. It’s a simple looking mod, but definitely not ugly. Rectangular in shape, it is curved on the edges to make it comfortable to hold. The front and back have a slight curve to them also.

    The top of the mod houses a large 510 connection plate, which enables large tanks / RDA’s to sit on top without scratching the top of the mod. The 510 plate is centered and has a groove for placing an o-ring when using the mod with the squonk backpack.

    The back of the mod is plain, except for the mounting of the squonk backpack. There is a hole down bottom for one screw to fix the backpack, and then a rubber seal which can be pulled off to reveal the squonk connector and additional screw hole.

    On one side of the mod is the Steam Crave name, which is engraved and surrounded by some straight grooves which provide grip and styling. On the other side is an engraving with Hadron 220 and the same grooves surrounding it.

    On the bottom of the Hadron is the battery door. There is a latch to open the door, which feels sturdy and has a nice resistance. When you pop the latch the door springs open. These springs feel very strong and also have a very nice resistance to them.

    You can then slide in your 21700’s or use the 18650 battery adapter to fit 18650’s inside instead. I’ve seen it mentioned that battery rattle can occur due to slight differences in size of 21700’s. My Molicel’s don’t rattle at all, so they must be the perfect size.

    The front of the Hadron has a square shaped fire button near the top, the screen below it, and three adjustment buttons below the screen. The buttons all feel nice and clicky when pressed.

    The colour screen is nice and bright, displaying all your information on the one screen.

    The Hadron feels weighty to hold, but not uncomfortable at all. It’s actually very nice to hold once you get used to the feel of it. It is a solid feeling mod too, very well put together.

    Features & Functions: YiHi Chipset
    To turn the Hadron on you press the fire button five times. The Steam Crave logo is displayed, then the main screen.

    The main screen shows your coil resistance and applied voltage in the top left corner. A padlock in the top right indicates whether your adjustment buttons are locked or unlocked. Then your firing mode is displayed, along with which memory bank you currently have selected. In the centre of the display is your Wattage / Joules / Temperature, depending on which power mode you are in. You then have a puff counter, and preheat level. Finally in the bottom left you have your battery indicator and bottom right is your remaining battery voltage.

    Pressing the fire button five times when the device is on brings up the main menu:
    • System Off
    • Manual TCR
    • Temp Units
    • Standby Time
    • Exit

    From the main screen, three clicks of the fire button will lock the adjustment buttons. This enables you to just have the fire button active.

    To adjust your Wattage, Joules or temperature (depending upon which mode you are in) you press the middle button to highlight the unit, then use the up and down buttons to adjust. Then the fire button locks the value in.

    To change which power mode you want to use you press the middle button repeatedly to cycle through them: Power mode, Joules, then Temperature Control. When you get to temperature control pressing the middle button again highlights the coil material and you can use the up and down buttons to choose from SS316, Ti, Ni200, TCR and then back to SS316.

    Holding the middle button reads the resistance of your installed coil.

    From the main screen pressing the bottom button cycles through the preheat levels; Soft, Standard, Powerful, Powerful +.

    From the main screen pressing the top button will cycle through the memory banks, from M1-M5.

    Finally pressing and holding the up and down buttons switches the device to ‘novice’ mode. This locks you into wattage mode and gets rid of the preheat options too. Pressing the up and down buttons together again returns to ‘standard’ mode.

    As mentioned above, I have used the Hadron with the Ragnar RDTA on top. I used the device in wattage mode, as I don’t use temp control personally. In wattage mode the Hadron performs great. When using a coil setup in the Ragnar I finally settled on a very large single, twisted coil. I used the Preheat modes to cut down the ramp time of the coil and was getting a very nice vape on a higher ohm coil at lower wattages (I struggle with the heat of dual coils and prefer mesh).

    Despite the larger size and weight of the Hadron it is actually a very comfortable mod hold and the buttons are very responsive in use.

    My only criticism would be the button combinations of navigating the YiHi chip, which take some getting used to.

    I installed the squonk backpack and converted the Ragnar to RDA mode for testing. The first thing I want to point out is not to overlook putting the o-ring into the groove on the 510 plate. I made that mistake and liquid does seep out from under the base of your RDA. Totally my oversight!

    With the backpack installed it does make the overall size of the Hadron a little more difficult to manage. However, it does mean you have an 18ml capacity squonker that will house larger RDA’s. The squonk backpack is very easy to install and features a top fill cap and large filling hole. It has two windows, one to see your juice level when using and another near the top to see your level while filling.

    The backpack has a pump system which delivers 0.4ml of liquid with a single press of the pump button and it works very well.

    The Hadron performs very well. My only negative is the button combinations for navigating the YiHi chipset, but once you get used to it, it’s fine. Paired with the Ragnar I’m loving it and when I’m at work I can't wait to get home and switch over to using it.

    The big deciding factor is obviously going to be the size and weight. If you want a big setup for at home, using at a desk, or maybe you drive all day, it’s great. It’s not trying to be an out and about mod, so it does what it’s meant to do very well.

    The squonk backpack does make it a little more unwieldy, but that’s fine if you're sitting at home, working at a desk or driving all day.

    I think if you know you are looking for a larger mod, where the size and weight won’t be an issue, you’ll know if the Hadron is right for you or not. Paired with the Ragnar, I love it.

    • Very well built
    • Nice simple design
    • Performs great
    • Optional squonk backpack
    • Adding the squonk backpack does increase size
    • YiHi chipset takes a bit of getting used to
    • Not a con of the mod, but it’s size and weight may limit its uses, so just needs consideration

    Thank you for reading and thank you to Steam Crave for sending me the Hadron for review

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