SMOK X-Force AIO Starter Kit 2000mAh

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    Hi Vaping Insider members, In this review i take a look at the X-Force AIO Starter Kit 2000mAh from Smok. The SMOK X-Force AIO Starter Kit 2000mAh was supplied for the purpose of this review by Micky from Cloumix.

    SMOK X-Force Kit



    The X-Force is a refillable pod system aimed at the subohm vaper unlike the many pod systems we have seen released of late geared towards high nicotine and nic salts. Its not a new idea as the device is very similar to the Dolphin released by Joyetech in the second half of last year even the ceramic housed 0.3ohm coil heads and how they get fitted into the base of the device is pretty much identical. The X-Force comes in a TPD version which holds 2ml of e-liquid while the standard version holds an impressive 7mls. So let's have a look and i will give my thoughts.

    In the Box



    Standard Edition

    1x X-Force MOD
    1x X-Force Tank (7ml)
    1x X-Force Coil 0.6ohm (Pre-installed)
    1x X-Force Coil 1.2ohm
    1x USB Cable
    1x User Manual

    EU Edition

    1x X-Force MOD
    1x X-Force Tank (2ml)
    1x X-Force Coil 0.6ohm (Pre-installed)
    1x X-Force Coil 1.2ohm
    1x USB Cable
    1x User Manual


    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The X-Force Kit come in the usual Smok packaging that has the the colour of the device pictured on the box. I received the Red version which is a nice deep Red, it's also available in Black, White, Yellow, Blue and Purple, the Black version has a Red fire bar and all other versions have a Black fire bar, the rest of the device (apart from the translucent black pod) is the colour of choice. Apart from the pod section protruding out the top of the device the X-force looks more like a dual battery regulated device in size and with a very nice clicky fire bar, the protruding top section of the pod has a wide bore mouthpiece to one side then is slanted downwards. Front and back of the device tapers outwards from the sides meeting in the middle and all edges are rounded off, with the position of the fire bar, size and being lightweight the device is ergonomic and feels very nice when firing. The front of the device has "SMOK" printed on the pod section and "X-FORCE" printed at the bottom while the centre see's 5 holes lined up vertically in a row, these are for the LED's to show battery status indication. Underneath the fire bar on the side we have the micro USB port the other side is featureless. The bottom of the device has safety stamps and venting. The device is made from plastic which helps make it a budget price but the build quality is good and finish looks durable.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    X-Force Specs and Features:


    X-Force MOD
    Size: 102.5 x 52 x 30.4mm
    Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
    Power Range:<45W
    Standby Current:<200uA
    Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
    Charging Voltage: 5V
    Charging Current: 0.6A-0.7A
    Material: PC

    X-Force Tank
    Size: 52 x 30.3 x 51.3mm (Standard Edition)/ 52 x 30.3 x 51.3mm (EU Edition)
    Capacity: 7ml (Standard Edition)/ 2ml (EU Edition)
    Coil Resistance: 0.6ohm/1.2ohm Transverse Coil
    Material: PCTG

    Portable one-button activation device with minimalist design
    Elaborately carved lines and cutting design
    2000mAh battery capacity with 5 LED indicators
    Multiple automatic pretections
    Unique and remarkable X-Force Coil
    Transverse coil with vertical airflow system
    Massive cloud and dense flavour

    Colours: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple


    Check What You Get

    The Kit i received came with 2 0.3 coil heads so i am obviously reviewing the device as if that's what you get but as you can see from the manufacturers specs it states it comes with a 0.6 and a 1.2 coil head it also lists this on vendors websites but then they will get their information from the manufacturers website so it could still be a mistake and the 0.6 and 1.2 coils could well be coil heads you can buy separately


    The Pods and Coil Heads

    The coil has cotton wicking materiel and is then housed in a ceramic casing, the casing has a juice port on top to allow the liquid in the pod to saturate the wicking material and contacts on the base which make contact inside the device. The base of the pod has a silicone casket with cutout the shape of the coil head, you simply place the coil head into the cutout where it fits perfectly and very securely. The pod has a wide bore mouthpiece to one side on the top and to the other a large airflow opening (the largest airflow i have seen on a pod device). On the side of the pod underneath where the mouthpiece is located is a removable bung which reveals your juice port, again the size of the juice port is another pro it's a very nice size. After filling the pod i would recommend letting it sit for 10 minutes before vaping, the pod is just press fitted into the device but fits very securely so no issues there. The pod is tinted black, despite this it is translucent enough to see your juice level but isn't ideal (it's not as bad as some like the EQ for example).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Using the Device

    Unlike a lot of pod systems the device has a physical fire button, well actually that's incorrect it has a physical fire bar which you would normally expect to see on a Smok regulated device. The device is turned on and off with fire clicks of the fire bar then with the X-Force being a direct output device just press the fire bar and vape. when you first turn the device on the 5 battery indication lights flash a few times and they are nice and bright. I have to give Smok top marks for the battery indication on this device as so many direct output device's and pod systems have average to almost none existent indication. When you vape your battery life is indicated by how many of the 5 LED's light up, 5 LED's equals between 90% and 100%, 4 equals between 70% and 89%, 3 equals between 30% and 69%, 2 equals between 10% and 29% and finally 1 LED means the battery is at less than 10%. The device also has various safety features which include 8 seconds cutoff, low voltage protection and short circuit protection.


    My Experience Using the X-Force

    The X-Force is without question a direct lung only device and gives loads of cloud production, the flavour isn't bad, i would say slightly above average for a pod system which isn't bad being a direct lung pod system. The device as already mentioned is direct output so the power will weaken has you get through the battery but i didn't notice much drop off and then only towards the end of the battery life, looking at the specs it has a 45w cap which means with a 0.3ohm coil the reduction in power is only going to start when you get below 3.7v, so that explains the lack of drop off. The battery life is very impressive too, even with the 0.3ohm coil helped by the 45w cap the battery lasted most of the day, the last thing worth mentioning from my experience of using the device is i had no leaking issues. I like the device as i tend to vape DL between 30w and 50w by choice and it's vapers like me this is aimed at who only don't use a pod system because they vape lower mg liquids using a direct lung style. An issue i did have is with it having a large 2000mAh battery quick charging capabilities would of been a pro but the X-Force takes between an hour and a half to 2 hours to charge (i didn't time it but a guestimate of 1hr 40 give or take)


    The Other Coil Heads

    As already mentioned there are also 2 other coil heads available for the X-Force, a 0.6ohm and a 1.2ohm. Not too sure how the 1.2ohm coil head will work as the device has loads of air and a wide bore mouthpiece so MTL isn't possible, i suppose if you put some strong tape covering most of the airflow you could manufacture a MTL draw of sorts but personally i really liked the 0.3 coil heads the device came with.



    Well made
    Aesthetically pleasing
    Fire bar
    large airflow
    Very good battery status indication
    Safety features
    Standard edition 7ml capacity
    Loads of cloud
    Large juice port on pod
    Decent flavour
    Very good battery life
    Suffered no leaking
    Good price


    Direct output not constant
    Fixed airflow
    Not suitable for MTL
    Not easy to see juice level
    Takes a while to charge


    I would once again like to thank Micky from Cloumix for supplying the SMOK X-Force AIO Starter Kit 2000mAh for the purpose of this review.

    SMOK X-Force Kit

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