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    It looks like I'm getting the gold RX gen 3 dual mod as a Christmas present.. I ordered the RX gen 3 300 watt mod from kidney puncher and will get it in the mail today according to USPS tracking.. I was wondering if any of ya'll could tell me more about them, or if I made a wise choice! Thx[​IMG][​IMG]

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    Honestly, I don't mean to rain on your parade but Wismec, in general, does not make the best mods. They're ok in power mode but their TC needs a lot of work. There's also an issue with their 510's not being the most accurate. Probably one of the reasons for the bad TC. It ok but honestly, there are a ton of mods in its price range that will give you more value. @Anthony_Vapes has done tear downs and testing on Wismec products. He could probably shed some more technical light on this.
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    Jun 5, 2018
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    I still have my rx200s and it still working just fine after 37,000 puffs in power mode as I don't do TC... The Gen 3 is shorter and feeling very compact and comfortable in my hand... So far I'm liking it pretty good, thanks for your reply!

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  4. Anthony_Vapes

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    I'll copy paste my review

    Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with my review of the Wismec RX Gen 3 kit. Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for the purpose of this review from elementvape.com


    The RX gen 3 is the newest and smallest 3 battery mod from wismec. The kit version comes with the new gnome sub ohm tank. It’s a triple 18650 mod capable of 300 watts. It has a bottom style hinged battery door. The tank itself is a mini one with a 4ml capacity and doesn't need more than 90 watts so an odd choice to package with a triple battery mod.

    Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W TC Box Mod Features:

    • Triple 18650 Battery Platform - Batteries Not Included

    • Wattage Output Range: 1-300W

    • Maximum Output Current: 50A

    • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm

    • Temperature Range: 200-600F

    • Versatile Temperature Control Module

    • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements

    • TCR Adjustment Modes

    • Preheat Function

    • Soft Poly-Angular Frame

    • Intuitive 1.3 Inch OLED Display

    • Oversized Firing Buton

    • Two Adjustment Buttons

    • Hinged Battery Door

    • Battery Balance Charge System

    • Dual Circuit Protection

    • Onboard Reverse Polarity Protection

    • Upgradeable Software

    • MicroUSB Port - Firmware Upgrades

    • Spring-Loaded Stainless Steel 510 Connection

    • Available in Black, Red, Brown, Grey, Green

    Wismec GNOME Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

    • 4mL Max Juice Capacity

    • Superior Stainless Steel Construction

    • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement

    • Retractable Top-Fill Method

    • Stealth Dual Bottom Airflow Control

    • WM Coil Series

    • 0.15ohm WM02 Dual Coil Head - rated for 30-70W

    • 0.2ohm WM03 Triple Coil Head - rated for 40-130W

    • Delrin Widebore Drip Tip

    • Propreitary PEI Widebore Tip

    • 510 Connection


    • 1 RX GEN3 Box Mod

    • 1 GNOME Sub-Ohm Tank

    • 1 0.15ohm WM02 Dual Coil

    • 1 0.2ohm WM03 Triple Coil

    • 1 QC USB Cable

    • Spare Parts

    • Instructional Manual


    Stock Shot : [​IMG]

    Battery Door:
    Mod Side:
    Mod Front:
    Box Contents:

    Initial Impressions and features

    When I first got this Mod, I was pretty impressed with how small it is. Smallest 3 battery mod by far and very comfortable. A little smaller then a triad DNA250. The battery door was stuck on and took some force to get open. Which i found the sticker that overlays the contact is a little off and was basically gluing the door shut. The sticker is still a little messed up and makes opening and closing the door not very good. The gnome tank is small and has a slide back fill much like the ello tank.


    While i normally test mods, this one I didn’t bother too as it wasn’t necessary. I’ll start with talking about the temp control since it’ll be short, The mod couldn’t even stay in temp control long enough for me to try it out. All it does is kick me out of temp control no matter what build or atomizer i use. The mod won’t even stay in temp control let along work in it. So that’s a quick fail. Now let's talk about power mode. It’s a 300 watt mod, but you’d be crazy to push it that far. This mod gets way too hot even at 125 watts let alone pushing 300. It doesn't dissipate any heat at all and the chip itself gets very hot. It basically turns into a hand warmer and mods that get really hot especially at a low wattage is always a fail for me. And it never shut down on a too hot message, it just gets hotter and hotter to the point it’s physically uncomfortable to hold the mod. Even at lower watts the mod is highly inconsistent. Resistance is never stable and bounces around. Using SS wire where resistance rises when hot, i watched resistance go down when it was heated up. I telltale sign of an issue with the mod itself. And it’s ability to read resistance. The output is pretty inconsistent as well. Take 5 puffs all at the same watts and same coil and it’ll feel different almost every time, I didn’t need to hook it up to an oscilloscope to tell me that either. Overall this mod pretty much fails in every performance aspect

    Gnome Tank

    The gnome tank is a mini sub ohm tank with a 4ml capacity. It uses a slide back top fill like the ello tank. The gnome coils themselves are rated anywhere from 45-90 watts bets range depending on the coil used. Included was the WM02 (45-60 watts) and WM03 (70-90 watts) neither coil gave any sort of good flavor and both lasted less than a week. Also the .2 ohm coil read at .33 on my meter, DNA mods, and sirius mod , and read .31 on the gen 3. The good news is it is a baby beast style coils so compatible with all those options like the baby beast, ello, frogman, etc. Tons of options but the stock gnome one’s aren’t very good. It does have an optional RBA head sold separately. It’s not a bad little tank though, just the coils are but you can buy different ones.

    Other Usage Notes

    The 510 pin on the mod uses the chassis ground which is IMO a very poor design and could explain a lot of the issues i’ve encountered. It’s the same design used on the predator. The mod gets super hot when vaping over 100 watts and if you want to charge it internally, you might as well fry an egg on it. This mod gets really hot for any reason pretty much. Not a good thing for batteries or vaping in general. The battery door is pretty bad and the sticker over the contacts gets in the way of opening and closing it. Resistance bounces around and is normally a little on the low side (.01 to .03)

    Pros: Mod

    * Size and looks
    * Big Screen

    Cons: Mod

    * Battery door
    * Outdated menu system
    * watt performance
    * temp performance
    * lack of heat dissipation
    * 510 pin design
    * unstable resistance readings

    Pros: Tank
    * mini size and looks
    * easy top fill
    * coil compatibility
    * optional RBA deck (sold separate)
    * standard 510 ultem drip tip

    Cons: Tank
    * Coils weren’t good
    * the .2ohm coil read as .33 ohms


    So with all that said, do I recommend this kit or not? I don’t like to do hard yes or no. but this one is pretty much a hard no. The tank itself isn’t bad since you can use tons of coil options in it, but nothing really sets it apart from the other dozen or so options that take the same coils. The mod however was just a poor performer in every sense of the word. Not something i can put my name on by any means. This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can say the same and I’ll catch you on my next review.

    For good recommendations feel free to check out my google sheet of recommendations located here this sheet will be updated regularly so feel free to bookmark it.

    Again I want to thank elementvape.com for sending me this kit for review it can be purchased here Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W Starter Kit | Includes GNOME Sub-Ohm Tank and I want to thank you guys for reading.

    honestly i'd recommend checking my recs before purchasing something in the future. you'll get a lot more bang for your buck
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  5. Smacksy

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    Well Anthony with all those negatives you said I still like my Gen3.. first of all I don't do TC so I care less if it works or not, second I don't vape above a hundred watts anymore after I quit building RDA and RTA's.. third I get long batt run times using 3 batts before batts have to be swapped out.. fourth I like how this 3-battery mod fits in my hand, very comfortable..
    Running .015 T10 coils in my smok Prince resistance has been rock solid, it has never fluctuated or changed in 400 puffs.. and it doesn't get excessively hot (80w)
    ..however the tank gets hot chain vaping
    so I do appreciate your review but I don't agree with it a 100%..

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  6. Anthony_Vapes

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    i never said you can't like it lol. subjectively it doens't work. just because some of it's issues may not effect you or you may not be experianced enough to notice other issues, doesn't change the fact the issues exist. You asked for opinions and i gave you what you asked for. People like my reviews because i'm honest, i test things, and call it how i see it and have lots of experiences with lots of good devices so it's easy to tell the good from the bad. If you didn't want an honest response I'm not sure why you asked in the first place. It's a vaping forum where the hobbyist and enthusiast reside and will give you straight answers. That's why it's better to ask what to buy before buying then to buy a product and come to a forum for validation of said product as you may not get what you are looking for and nobody likes to hear they wasted money or are using a bad product. I'm just here to help people get the best vape possible if you don't want the help that's fine nobody is forcing you to take it all i did was answer your question and it seems my answer upset you?

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