Reynolds recalls 2.6 million Vuse Vibe power units

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    R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. said Friday it is conducting a voluntary national safety recall of 2.6 million power units for its Vuse Vibe electronic cigarette product.

    The company said it has notified the Food and Drug Administration of the issue, which came from consumer complaints about malfunctioning batteries that may cause the power unit to overheat and create a fire risk.

    Reynolds said it has received 10 complaints related to the power unit, but no injuries have been reported.

    The company is investigating the cause of the incidents with the intent to return to the market after the issue has been resolved. It is offering a refund to consumers.

    Reynolds said that all consumers who have Vuse Vibe vapor products should stop using the product and not charge the power unit. For more information, call 800-369-8200 or go to

    Vuse Solo and Vuse Ciro, which use different battery components, are not included in the recall. The company said it has not received consumer complaints about the power units of those products.
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