OFRF NexMini MTL Pod System Review

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    OFRF NexMini MTL Pod System

    The NexMini Pod from OFRF is a pod kit designed for MTL vaping. It features adjustable airflow rings on the base of the coils, has an 800mAh built in battery and fires up to 30W.

    Let's take a look at the OFRF NexMini Pod.

    Box Contents
    • NexMini Pod System
    • User Manual
    • Type-C Charging Cable
    • M21 Parallel Coil (0.6ohm, 15-25W)
    • M22 nexMESH Coil (0.6ohm, 13-20W)
    • Dimensions: 110.5 x 19.5 x 19.5mm
    • Weight: 56g
    • Pod Capacity: 2.5ml
    • Battery: Built in 800mAh battery
    • Charge Port: USB Type-C
    • Display: 0.69” OLED screen
    • Output Power: 1-30W

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    Disclaimer: The NexMini was sent to me by OFRF for review.

    Design & Build Quality
    The NexMini is available in a number of colours; black, silver, mocha gold, gold, black red, black green and black blue. I received the black green which is a green on the top half of the device and blends to black on the bottom half, with a gradient in between.

    The body of the NexMini is constructed from an aluminium alloy and the pod is made from PCTG.

    The device is 110.5mm tall, with the pod installed and 19.5mm wide and deep. It has a square footprint and each of the four corners are cut off, giving it a comfortable shape when holding in the hand. It only weighs 56g, and feels really light when holding or storing in a pocket.

    On the back of the NexMini is a panel which imitates a strip of mesh. On my version the panel is black and it has #NEXMINI in white running down it. I actually like the look of this panel, I know it’s branding and it basically runs down the whole back side of the device, but I still like the look of it.

    I also don’t mind the OFRF branding on the left side of the device which is debossed but isn’t coloured differently to the rest of the body, so it’s relatively stealthy.

    There are a few other brandings which I think could have been left off, though. There’s one on the front about the NexChip and another on the right side about NexM Technology. Although these are small enough, I don’t think they’re really necessary.

    On each side of the device is a single, small airflow hole, which let’s air enter the base of the installed coil.

    On the top of the NexMini is where the pod connects to the body. There are four magnets on the inside and a positive and negative connection pin. The pod connection is waterproof too, so if you have any condensation build up at the base of the pod, it isn’t going to seep through the top of the mod into the electronics.

    The front of the NexMini has the display and the fire and adjustment buttons. Near the top is the fire button which is square shaped, and responsive when pressed. It is a small fire button, but I haven’t had any issues using it. Beneath the display are the two adjustment buttons. These are slim rectangular shapes and again are responsive when pressing.

    The display is a 0.69” OLED screen and is positioned between the fire button and the adjustment buttons. It is a crisp and bright display.

    Finally, on the bottom of the NexMini is the USB Type-C charge port.

    I really like the design of the NexMini, the squared shape of the body is very nice to hold and it is light as a feather. I can’t even feel it when I put it in my pocket. I’m also a fan of the gradient colour scheme.

    Build quality is really good too, the buttons feel nice to use and are responsive when pressed, the screen is crisp and bright and the aluminium alloy body feels really sturdy, despite it’s lightweight.

    Features & Functions
    The NexMini has a built in 800mAh battery. I was a little concerned about how long this would last before needing a charge, but I am getting a full day's use out of the NexMini before having to recharge.

    OFRF states that the battery can be fully charged in 50mins, so I timed it to check. I actually went from fully empty to fully charged in 40 minutes and it does have pass-through charging too, so you can vape while it’s charging.

    I do prefer standing devices upright when charging, but due to the charging port being on the base, you have to lie the NexMini on its side. No leaking from the pod at all though.

    The NexMini is a straight up wattage mode device, so using it is really straight forward.

    Button Combinations
    • Turn On / Off: 5 x clicks of fire button
    • Lock All Buttons: 3 x clicks of fire button
    • Clear Puff Counter: up and fire button together
    The pod is almost cube shaped, if you exclude the mouthpiece, And the majority of the pod sits within the body of the NexMini when it is installed.

    The pod slides into the top of the NexMini and is held in place by 4 magnets. These magnets are plenty strong enough to keep the pod in place and it doesn’t come out unless you give it a firm pull.

    The mouthpiece is fixed to the pod, so non-removable, and is duck-bill shaped as opposed to a regular, circular drip tip.

    The fill port is located on the side of the pod and is enclosed by the body of the NexMini when the pod is in place. This means you do need to remove the pod to fill with liquid. The fill port has a rubber stopper which is the norm on most pod devices. It does feel quite chunky, not flimsy, and plugs the hole very well. The fill port is plenty big enough for smaller nozzle sizes, but larger nozzles aren’t going in here.

    Coils are installed into the pod from the bottom and are push fit. The coils all have a built in airflow control ring, allowing you to dial in your preferred airflow restriction. There are five holes on either side of the AFC and you can reduce it down to just one hole.

    The pod itself is made from a tinted PCTG, but it’s not too dark that you can’t see your level of liquid in the pod. I found the liquid level to be easily visible with this pod.

    Another thing that I thought was quite cool, is that the drip tip is also part of the liquid reservoir. When you fill the pod you will see liquid filling the sides of the drip tip; no space wasted in this pod! The pod itself holds 2.5ml of liquid.

    There are currently two coils available for the NexMini, both of which are included in the box.
    • M21 Parallel Coil (0.6ohm, 15-25W)
    • M22 nexMESH Coil (0.6ohm, 13-20W)
    The first coil I tried was the M22 nexMESH coil, simply because it came pre-installed in the pod. It has a best performance range advised between 15-18W, and I gradually ended up settling on 18W. Flavour was good, as well as the throat hit, and the cloud production is what you would expect from a MTL setup; there when you want it, and gone in a few seconds, so if you’re vaping where you shouldn’t be (like me, in work) you should get away with it!

    I tried the airflow fully open, which is more of a very restrictive DTL vape, which I don’t mind at all. Closing down to just one hole does restrict the vape down to MTL territory, but maybe not quite as tight as some people would like.

    I then tried the M21 coil which has a best performance range advised between 18-22W. Again, I started at the lower end of this range and ended up settling on the higher 22W. Flavour was again good, as well as the throat hit but I did find myself preferring the M22 coil personally.

    Battery life was lasting me all day / night while working. One night I forgot to charge the NexMini before going to work, so I ran it down to empty and timed how long it took to fully charge. I got there in 40 minutes, which is less than the 50 minutes OFRF states on their website, all good there.

    I’m a big fan of the NexMini. I really love the form factor of the device; it’s small, lightweight, looks good and feels good in the hand. It’s definitely a discreet device. The 800mAh battery gave sufficient battery life for vaping all day and the fact it only takes approximately 40 minutes to charge from empty to full is great too.

    Both coils perform well, giving good flavour. I did prefer the MexM coil personally, which is a plus for me as it runs at a lower wattage.

    I didn’t think the airflow was super tight with the airflow closed down to one hole, which may bother some people who like a really restrictive MTL vape, but the NexMini is definitely a MTL device.

    I’ve been using the NexMini while in work and will continue to do so. I’m able to vape it when I shouldn’t be vaping without any lingering clouds and it fits perfectly in a pocket without weighing you down at all; I have to check it’s still there, it’s that small and light.

    • Good MTL flavour from both coils
    • Good battery life, lasts me all day
    • Love the design and form factor
    • Very lightweight
    • Zero leaking or condensation on base of pod
    • AFC ring is built into each coil
    • Bright and crisp display
    • Maybe not a tight enough MTL draw for some people
    • USB port on the base
    • Maybe a little overboard on the branding

    Thank you very much for reading and thank you to OFRF for sending me the NexMini for review.

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