Need help with Caliburn G

Discussion in 'Ask the Experts' started by shauna7084, Oct 21, 2021.

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    Oct 21, 2021
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    What mod are you using
    Caliburn G

    What batteries are you using and where did you purchase from
    Built in

    What atomizer are you using

    What coils are you using (premade ones please give a model, for DIY please give specs if possible including material)
    OCC 0.8 coils

    Describe your issue in detail

    Sooo, I have a Caliburn G I replaced my Juul with. (better flavor, draw, everything!) and it keeps auto firing for some apparent reason. I've cleaned the pins, replaced the coil, and even went so far as to lay it underneath a bag of rice (thinking there was liquid getting inside) and everytime I automatically draw or push the fire button, it wont stop firing!!!

    I've burned 3 coils already. Can someone help?

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