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    Mar 22, 2020
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    Hey guys,

    Late 2018 I bought a Innokin Proton, following the Best of 2018 list from Anthony_Vapes:

    Well, today is a sad day... the circuit is fried and the Innokin Proton is dead.

    I need a new mod!!
    I would like to stay with the dual 18650, unless there's something better?

    Anyway I was looking for Anthony_Vapes Best of 2020 list and I ended up here.

    I've been looking around but can't find such a list around here... hope I didn't miss it.

    Anyway: looking for dual 18650 mods recommendations, the best of the best!

    I'm a simple vaper, I buy high VG eJuice and I vape.
    I don't need sophisticated modes, I'd just like something that's though, well built, simple and works well.

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