Horzion Falcon Tank vs Freemax Mesh Pro, Which is Better?

Discussion in 'Sub Ohm Tanks' started by vaporl, Aug 30, 2018.


Horzion Falcon Tank vs Freemax Mesh Pro

  1. Horzion Falcon

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  2. Freemax Mesh Pro

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  1. vaporl

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    Aug 21, 2017
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    Hey Guys, I've got my Falcon Tank Resin Version recently, and whilst I have been very impressed with it, there's a few niggles.
    Firstly trying unscrew the thing to change the coil......damn....every time it is so stuck together it's untrue. I have to wrap insulation tape around the glass and top to allow enough grip to get it apart.
    The airflow ring is also super, super tight. It's not a massive issue, as I always have it full open.
    Lastly, for reasons I can't figure out, somtimes it leaks a little juice. It'll then be fine for a while, then will dribble a little again a day or so later - can't see what causes it to be honest.
    Anyway, a mate at work has had one too - however he's now got himself a Freemax mesh pro.

    Just wondering if anyone has got/had both and can offer any thoughts.

    Any Idea pls Comment Below

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