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    Hi Vaping Insider members, In this review i take a look at the Maxpod Kit from FreeMax. The Maxpod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Tina from FreeMax.



    FreeMax have been leading the way for a while in Subohm coil technology with their MS mesh coil heads utilising a mix of Flax and cotton as their wicking material delivering superior flavour and longevity.

    For 3 years FreeMax have been working on their new FM SaltCoilTech 2.0 technology to bring the same performance in flavour and longevity along with throat hit to MTL coil heads suitable for a low wattage pod device suitable for those quitting the stinkies.

    The Maxpod Kit is the result of that 3 years work and is a constant output, draw activated device which if it performs as good as it looks is a sure fire winner, let's find out!


    In The Box



    1 x Maxpod Battery
    1 x Maxpod Pod (NS Mesh Coil 1.0Ω Pre-installed)
    1 x Extra NS Mesh Coil 1.5Ω
    1 x Maxpod Lanyard
    1 x Maxpod Lanyard Ring
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x Warning Card
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x User Manual


    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Maxpod has that palm size flattened form factor that was common when the pod craze first hit the market some 18 months or so ago. The Maxpod though uses IML labelling technology to give it a high quality look and feel making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing pod devices to date in my opinion. I received the White colour, it's available in Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White or Black and rather than describing further i will leave it to the photos. You also will receive a lanyard which has a rubber band which fits around the device if that's your thing.



    Maxpod Specs and Features:

    Dimensions: 100.81 x 21.82 x 14mm
    Weight: 56.3g
    Material: PCTG/Steel/Zinc Alloy
    Pod Capacity: 2ml
    Battery: 550mAh
    Output Wattage: 8-11W
    3 Tier Battery Status Indication
    Output Voltage: Constant 3.3V
    Resistance:1.0Ω/1.5Ω(NS Mesh)
    New NS coil technology
    Colour: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White, Black




    The Pod

    You receive just one pod with a 2ml capacity but the pod does accommodate replaceable coil heads. The pod has a very comfortable smoked duckbill mouthpiece and main body is what FreeMax describes as a translucent tea-light colour which is tinted but lightens as e-liquid is added so your juice level is clearly visible.

    On one side of the pod we have a Blue silicone bung which lifts up while still staying attached to the pod, the fill port is plenty big enough for most nozzles with room for air to escape and as you can imagine adding your initial 2ml of e-liquid takes the matter of a couple of seconds and job done! On the pod there is a clear marking giving a minimum liquid amount which you shouldn't go below which is actually about halfway up the section of the pod that holds the liquid so e-liquid needs adding every 1ml to top up which isn't ideal but then at such low wattage 1ml goes a surprisingly long way.

    Looking at the base of the pod with coil installed we have the central contact and negative surround and the pod also has to each side of the base a magnet to secure the pod in the device.



    The Coils

    You receive 2 different coils which is the pre-installed 1.0ohm coil recognised by it's Blue o-rings and also included is a 1.5ohm coil which has Red o-rings. The coil heads include the chimney and just get press fitted into place.

    FreeMax as mentioned has spent 3 years on creating their NS Mesh MTL coils which include getting the correct blend of Flax and Organic Cotton to match the performance of their subohm coils when it comes to superior flavour and longevity. They have a flawless reputation when it comes to their coils so understandable they didn't take any risks in tarnishing that reputation hence we have waited so long for a FreeMax MTL Pod device.

    The 1.0ohm NS Mesh Coil head has a 66.3% Flax Cotton and 33.4% Organic Cotton wicking mix and is best with Nic salts between 20 to 30mg or freebase between 3 to 12mg, with the device giving a constant 3.3V you get a constant 11w of power when using this coil head. This coil has been developed for giving great flavour no matter what flavour profile you use while also giving decent cloud production.

    The 1.5ohm NS Mesh Coil head has a 44.44% Flax Cotton and 55.56 Organic Cotton wicking mix and is best with Nic salts between 30 to 50mg or freebase between 12 to 24mg, the power the device outputs with this coil head is a constant 8w. This coil has been developed for higher nicotine intake and throat hit and works particularly well with tobacco flavours.



    Fitting The Pod

    Looking inside the pods bay we have a recessed rectangular central section which houses the central positive and outer negative spring loaded pins, the inner surround of this recessed section leads to the membrane switch. To either side of the central section we have a magnet which lines up with the magnets on the pod which gives an excellent secure fit. The duckbill mouthpiece of the pod has a surface which gives grip allowing the pod to be pulled out easily.

    Full marks for how secure the pod fits while also allowing for easy removal as my biggest con for this device is you can't see the juice level unless the pod is removed and it reaches the minimum mark after only 1ml of use so it needs a constant check.




    On either side of the device we have a tiny hole that allows air to get to the base of the coil, their is no adjustable airflow with the bore of the coil controlling the tightness of the draw.


    Using The Maxpod

    The Maxpod is a very simple draw activated device which gives a consistent output of 3.3v so simply take a draw from the device to vape. When inserting a pod the LED indicator light comes on for 1 second and when removing the pod the light flashes 3 times.


    While taking a vape the indicator light will light in a colour which corresponds to battery status, the percentages are the following:

    White = 71% - 100%
    Green = 31% - 70%
    Red = 0% - 30%


    The Maxpod has all the usual protections which if they kick in are indicated by various flashes of the LED.



    Short Circuit Protection
    Open Circuit Protection
    Over-charge Protection
    Over-discharge Protection
    Low Voltage Protection
    8s Cut-off Protection




    The device gets charged via the micro USB port situated on the side of the device which i like as the Maxpod can be stood up on it's base. While charging the light is Red and goes off once fully charged. I can't find a charge rate in the specifications but it charged in 50 mins so around 0.8A which most manufactures would rate as 1A.


    My Experience Using The Device And Thoughts

    The only cons i have for the device is the juice level can't be seen without removing the pod and because you ideally don't want to let the juice level go below the minimum line it needs filling every 1ml although 1ml does go quite a long way with these coils.

    Despite the efficiency on e-liquid and low wattage output i got decent cloud production with both coil heads. The draw with both coils is very similar and what i would describe as a medium tight draw very much like a cigarette pull with the 1.5ohm coil being just slightly tighter but barely anything in it.

    FreeMax are very specific in what each coil is best for use with but to be honest the highest Nic Salts i have is 20mg so i just tested both coils with that as well as various 70VG freebase flavours at 3mg. The 1.5ohm coil really as FreeMax claim shines with tobacco flavours while the 1.0ohm coil gave the best flavour from a pod of this type i have experienced whichever profile i used. I have been using the device on and off for a couple of weeks and taking it out with me when i have done my "essential" shopping and i am still using the two coils that came with the device despite receiving extra so as expected from FreeMax no issues with coil longevity.

    The switch is very responsive and it gave a consistent vape during the entire battery life, i did think battery life may be a con but with giving a constant 3.3v output with high resistance coils the battery life was much better than expected and considering the device's stealth size more than happy.

    Filling is quick and easy and the pod fits securely while still being easy to remove, the mouthpiece is also very comfortable. This would make a great starter kit for a new vaper or equally as a stealth out and about device for a mtl vaper or just someone who may need a device they can use with high mg for a quick nicotine hit.

    Finally despite their higher ohms and slimmed down size the wicking in the coil heads behave very similar to with FreeMax's subohm bigger brothers holding the e-liquid well so i had no issues with flooding or leaking while wicking great even with thicker juices.




    High build quality
    Available in 6 colours
    Constant 3.3v output (consistent vape)
    Battery status indication
    Draw activated
    Responsive switch
    Medium tight mtl draw
    2 different NS Mesh coils supplied
    Versatile with different e-liquids and Nic salts suitable
    Decent battery life
    Charges in less than an hour
    Superb flavour
    Above average coil longevity
    No flooding, leaking or dry hits
    Pod fits securely
    Multiple protections


    Pod needs removing to check juice level
    Pod needs removing to fill
    Needs filling every 1ml of use
    Device can't be switched off
    Airflow not adjustable (but really nice authentic MTL draw)

    I would once again like to thank Tina from FreeMax for supplying the Maxpod Kit for the purpose of this review.

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