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    This forum is for adults only. There will be people here from all different walks of life that have different ways of expressing themselves. Some people may curse, be crude, or use sexual innuendos. If you don't like that then you have the option to just scroll by. We are all about freedom of speech and you being able to express yourself. What we will not allow is any type of trolling or group trolling. We ask that you interact with people here the same way you would as if you were face to face. Just use common sense and be respectful. You absolutely have to be at least 18 to be a member of this forum. That being said we only have a few rules and here they are:

    1. No Drug/Dry Herb/Wax Related pics videos, posts or Drug/Dry Herb/Wax References in comments outside of the dedicated Dry Herb/Wax/CBD Sub Forum. Hemp Based CBD oil is ok for discussion across the forum, although, where possible we would also prefer for you to use the dedicated Sub Forum. We have a zero tolerance policy on using the forums to coordinate the buying and selling illegal substances.

    2. There will be no racist, homophobic, bigoted, or sexist terms tolerated in any of the sections. This includes those things being used in your username.

    3. We allow only one account per person and one user per account.

    4. No nudity in any of the pictures posted on this forum. Staff or admin will issue warnings and remove if needed.

    5. Links:

    a. No affiliate, referral links, tracking links, hot link memes and pics are allowed.
    b. We do not allow any raffles or charity funding. No gofundme links or any others like it.
    c. Thread titles can not contain urls such as Please use the site's name.
    d. Users must make 10 posts before being allowed to post a link.
    e. Links are not for self promotion! If you are a vendor and want to post your link you need to apply to become an authorized vendor.

    6. There will be no pictures or videos of real violence against people or animals.

    7. No posting of anyone's personal information or impersonation of people known in the community. This will result in an automatic ban for life.

    8. All of the above rules will also apply to your avatar.

    9. Please keep threads and posts in the appropriate section. Moderators will move or delete it as they see fit. Warnings will also be issued.

    10. Trolling - If a member is reported to be purposely trolling and derailing conversations, then the staff will take disciplinary action. The user will initially be given a warning, but if the user is reported for trolling a second time they will be permanently banned. This applies to individual and group trolling. Trolling of any sort will not be tolerated. We are here to build a great community that is focused around providing value. Be nice!

    11. No discussions regarding religion or political views. Discussion of politics is permitted in threads regarding changes in vaping related legislation, but should be directly related to the topic in question.

    12. Usernames

    a. Usernames cannot contain profanities.
    b. Usernames cannot contain top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .org etc. is not an acceptable username, WebsiteName is.
    c. Users are encouraged to use a nickname instead of their real name for privacy purposes.
    d. Moderators reserve the right to change usernames that are deemed to be offensive.

    13. Signatures:

    a. No animated graphics are allowed in signatures.
    b. No affiliate links or tracking links are allowed in signatures.
    c. Links that are commercial in nature are not allowed. This means links to ecig vendors etc are not allowed unless an exception has been previously granted.
    d. Links to porn, gambling, political sites, religious sites, violence etc are not allowed.
    e. No links to website which contain affiliate links.
    f. No advertisements can be placed in signatures.
    g. Users may have a time since quitting graphic and one other graphic.

    Any questions or concerns please contact Admin or a moderator.

    Moderators are actively watching the forum at all times.
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