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    I won this tank in a giveaway and I’m happy I did. I haven’t bought a drop-in coil tank since the Uwell Crown several years ago because I mainly use rda’s on squonkers. I have won a few different sub-ohm tanks and I use them just for ease when I’m too lazy to rebuild or rewick my rda’s. Recently I’ve been using the Geekvape Alpha tank(with meshmallow coils) and the Voopoo Uforce t2(with Freemax coils). Both of these tanks provide good flavor and decent coil life but I must say this EHpro Raptor has them both beat in the flavor department, coil life I can’t comment on until I use it longer.
    I’m using the same juice in these tanks to compare and see what tank to move forward with because I don’t need three drop-in coil tanks running at the same time, two at most but preferably one. I like the design of the Alpha better than the Uforce just based on the push button top. The slide tops have a tendency to open up while in my pocket so the Alpha solves that. The flavor is really close between the two so I think the Uforce is getting shelved just based on design. Anyway I’m really impressed with the Raptor tank’s flavor. Side by side the flavor is really noticeable, not sure why but the Raptor is great. It’s strange also because it’s almost like it’s shooting vapor out the way the airflow feels when you are hitting this tank. I’m still running my first coil which is the quad mesh coil but I have high hopes for the single based on reviews. I’m usually a single coil guy but this quad may change that. It doesn’t take a whole lotta power either, I’m running it at 60 watts so battery life won’t suffer which is one reason I usually go single coil. If your looking for a handsome, well built, flavorful drop-in coil sub-ohm tank the EHpro Raptor should definitely be considered. It tops my list currently and will be tough to dethrone. Oh and a side note: with the bubble glass it holds 6ml which is dead center of my preference. It doesn’t need constant refills and isn’t excessive in case you want a change of flavor. I’m sorta all over the place here but I wanted my fellow vapers to be aware of this gem of a tank with the best flavor I’ve encountered in a tank ever.

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