Dubai issues warning over vaping in public places

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    People caught vaping or using an e-cigarette in unauthorised areas in Dubai will be hit with a fine of up to Dh2,000.

    Dubai Municipality has announced that the use of the devices - the sale of which was made legal in the UAE for the first time earlier this year - will be subject to the same laws as those who light up using traditional cigarettes.

    Locations where smoking is banned include places of worship, schools, universities and shopping malls as well as health and pharmaceutical facilities.

    It is also prohibited to smoke on board vehicles that are transporting food, medicine, petrol and chemicals.

    “The municipality will monitor any violation related to vaping in public places,” said Nasseem Mohammad Rafie, acting director of the Health and Safety department at Dubai Municipality.

    “Specialists in the municipality will take the necessary measures to track down violators who smoke e-cigarettes in public places.”

    Anyone who smokes in a non-smoking area will face a fine of up to Dh1,000, while those who breach the specific terms of a designated smoking area could be made to pay as much as Dh2,000.

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