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    Hi Vaping Insider members, In this review i take a look at the Classic One Pod Kit by Coolvapor, The Classic One Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Sacowin, coolvapor's marketing company who also promote Ultroner, Dejavu and SXK products.



    The Classic One is an Auto Draw Retro Pod System which while is going back to a couple of years ago when most pod devices were simple direct output affairs, the "Retro" is as much do to with it's retro look. The Classic one as hinted at is a simple direct output device which houses refillable pods. The 1.6ohm coil in the pod is not replaceable and the device has 3 tier battery status indication.

    With it's weight i'm guessing at a Zinc Alloy construction and it comes with either Silver, Brass or copper finishes, let's give it a look!


    In The Box



    1 X Pod Device (Including Installed Pod)
    1 X Refill Pod
    1 X USB Charging Cable
    1 X User Manual (actually 2 sided card)
    1 X Warranty Card



    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Classic One comes really nicely packaged in Retro style design presentation box, a really nice job has been done. I received the Brass version (also marketed as Brown Copper), the options are Silver, Brass or Copper.

    We have a panel front and back with Blue and White Retro design which wouldn't look out of place as the wallpaper or carpet design in some grand palace. The main chassis is metal and in the colour of choice, for such a small portable device it has quite a bit of weight to it. Towards the bottom on the front we have an LED for battery status and protections indications and down one edge a micro USB port for charging.

    The device can't be stood up due to a loop on the base which allows a lanyard to be fitted although one isn't provided, up top the tinted pod with duck billed style mouthpiece is transparent enough to give good visibility of any e-liquid inside. The device slips into any pocket and gives a good stealth like vape being swallowed up by the hand.



    Classic One Specs and Features:

    Dimensions: 98mm*25.3mm*18.1mm
    Weight: 140g
    Pod Capacity: 2ml
    Pod Type: Refillable, Coil non-replaceable
    Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm
    Battery Capacity: 500mAh
    Output Voltage: 3.3v - 4.2v
    Static Current: Under 50uA
    Charge Rate: 5V/0.5A
    Charge Time: 1 Hour
    Claimed: 600 puffs single charge
    pod Deice Design: Retro Look
    Colours: Silver, Brass, Copper



    The Pod

    Two pods are included which both house a fixed 1.6ohm coil so the coil can't be replaced but the pod is refillable. The pod has a comfortable duck billed style mouthpiece which is part of the same moulding as the pod. The pod is tinted but perfectly transparent so i had no issues seeing the e-liquid level at all times.

    Looking at the base of the pod we have the two contacts and two round magnets, central is a small Air hole for airflow, to one side we have the opening which will line up with the membrane switch inside the pod's bay.

    To the opposite side on the base we have a Silicone bung with side flap which is easy to lift to pull the bung free (the silicone piece stays attached to the pod). A weird shaped fill port is revealed which has a rounded section to one side which will allow filling with a Gorilla nozzle but to one side the hole is extended to allow air to escape which is well thought out. I prefer to be able to fill pods without removing them from the device but had no issues filling quickly and mess free! The capacity of the pod is a good 2ml for the purpose of TPD regulations (2.2ml Sssshhh).




    Fitting The Pod

    Looking into the pod's bay we can see the pair of Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and to one side the membrane switch. Above and below the contacts we have a metallic strip for the pod's magnets to attach to.

    The pod fit's securely enough as in it won't come out other than with a tug but it does have movement including while in use!



    Operating The Classic One

    The Classic One is a simple direct output, draw activated device without a physical button so the device is always on standby just waiting for a draw to be taken. When first inserting the pod the LED light cycles through Green, Blue, Red and when removing the LED flashes Red 3 times.

    When taking a vape the LED lights up to show battery status indication and stays on for 1 second after you stop your draw, furthermore so you don't struggle to check the battery status after a further 2 seconds the light comes back on for 2 seconds giving a less rushed chance to check, i like this!

    It only gives the indications as High, Medium and Low battery power levels which are shown by the LED lighting Green, Blue or Red but the indications seem well spaced out so if not the following will be very similar:

    Green = 70% - 100%
    Blue = 30% - 70%
    Red = 0% - 30%

    (Educated guess from using the device)


    The device also has multiple safety protections which are indicated by various flashes of the LED.



    Over-charge Protection
    Over-discharge Protection
    Short Circuit Protection
    Over-load Protection



    The device is charged via the micro USB port on the side of the device using the supplied cable. While charging the LED pulses Blue up to 90% charge and then turns solid Green for the remaining 10% before turning off once fully charged. The 500mAh battery charges at 5V/0.5A which stays true to the Retro feel as this is the charge rate we use to get often on these type of devices but then i suppose a 500mAh battery doesn't need to charge super quick. The device charges in 1 hour which would be much more tolerable if it supported pass-through, but it doesn't so seems quite a long wait.



    My Experience Using The Classic One And Thoughts!

    There is nothing "retro" about the draw activation and no need to suck the life out of the mouthpiece as the switch is very responsive and reliable, very impressed with the switch!

    The device isn't going to be for everyone with even pod systems getting ever more sophisticated but i still believe one of the best options for a new vapor to give up the stinkies is a simple pod device giving an authentic cigarette pull which is a draw the vast majority of the most recent pod and AIO devices lack but that's exactly what the Classic One provides, the perfect draw for most new vapers and even for a stealth out and about convenient back up for MTL vapers.

    There are some cons though which firstly is the pod does have a bit of sidewards movement which isn't terrible but just knowing the movements there is as annoying as the slight movement it actually gives. With the whole pod protruding outside the device there is no issues seeing the juice level but the pod needs removing to fill which isn't something that i like but it does fill quickly and mess free.

    The device being direct output does decrease in power as the battery weakens but with a 1.6ohm coil this weakening of the vape is so gradual (11w full battery, 7w battery at 3.3v) it doesn't effect the vape quality experienced especially as this is well suited for low wattage vaping with high mg and nic salts e-liquids. With it being a 1.6ohm coil i first tried 50/50 20mg nic salts and it worked great but then did try to see how it would fair with lower mg 70vg juice and it wicked absolutely fine. The flavour from the pod didn't rock my world but it's decent enough and much better than the flavour i use to experience back in the day when i was giving up the stinkies so new vapers and even as an out and about device for MTL vapers most will find the flavour comfortably acceptable. Longevity though surprised as i got 8 refills of decent flavour before i felt it started to mute.

    The 500mAh battery isn't great life if this is your only device and you vape moderately or a lot but with the 1.6ohm coil it gave better life than expected and for someone taking the occasional high mg draw it will last the best part of a day, Coolvapor claim 600 puffs but how they come to that as every draw is going to be a different length of time to be honest i think they just pulled a figure out of the sky! The upside to the battery being 500mAh is despite it only having a 0.5A charge rate it does fully charge in an hour although i wished it also pass-through.

    Finally the battery status indications are nicely spaced out and fit for purpose and i really like how after a pause the LED comes on for 2 second to check the status. Finally for a simple pod device the build quality and presentation of the product is first rate and i love both the Retro design and antique metal finishes.




    Very Good build quality
    Has some reassuring weight to it (metal construction)
    very well packaged and presented
    Nice Retro design
    3 Different antique metal finishes
    Small stealthy device
    Clear visibility of e-liquid
    Draw activated
    Responsive and reliable switch
    Simple device to use (just vape)
    Authentic MTL Cigarette type draw
    Comfortable mouthpiece
    Fills quick and mess free
    Decent flavour and longevity
    Fit for purpose 3 tier battery status indications
    Delayed 2 second LED status alert to make it easy to check
    Multiple protections and LED alerts given
    Loop for Lanyard if that's your thing
    2 Included pods
    Charges in just one hour (despite slow charge rate)
    Charging Indications given


    Need to remove pod to fill
    Slight side to side movement of pod
    500mAh battery, not the biggest (better than it sounds with 1.6ohm coil)
    Direct Output, Vape decreases along with power (with 1.6ohm coil very gradual)
    Slow charge rate (although one hour to charge will be a pro but that's only possible because of low battery capacity)
    Doesn't support pass-through


    I would once again like to thank both Sacowin and Coolvapor for supplying the Classic One Retro Pod Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!

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