Buybest Drop Shipping Program, The Easiest Way to Start Your Business

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    Dear friends,

    Have you ever considered to start your vape business but finally gave up due to tight budget or overstock risk? Well, if that's the case, you might wanna learn about our drop shipping program.

    What is drop shipping?

    Drop shipping is a business mode that we send items directly from our warehouse to your customers. You just need make an order on our website after you receive an order from your customers. The advantage is that you will not take any risk because you don’t need to worry about overstocked products.

    How does drop shipping work?

    1. Apply for an account at
    2. Send us message on BuyBest or send email to to talk about drop shipping business.
    3. Receive orders from your customers.
    4. Place same orders on our site. (Please leave your customer’s address and note “Drop shipping”)
    5. We will send item to your customer directly.

    Why choose us?

    1. Our products are 100% original with security code which can be verified on official website.
    2. 8% to 10% discount are available for dropping shippers, and more surprise will come soon.
    3. In order to protect your benefits, the package sent to your customers will not contain our logo, price or other information.
    4. We have professional colleagues to solve problems of drop shipping and we provide best after-sale service.

    What about after-sale service?

    Our items has three-month warranty, so you don’t need to worry about after- sale service. If you still feel confused, please contact us by

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