Bear Vapes: My Thoughts on the Vaporesso PodStick

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    Currently my go to pocket mod is the Uwell Caliburn for obvious reasons. It just works and works well. But I have been a big fan of Vaporesso for a long time so when I first saw pics of the beautiful PodStick I knew I would have to give it a try. Aesthetically it is very pleasing. Simple yet elegant with its bronze colored buttons with a black background. I am a big fan of devices having a main color with a second accent color. The PodStick fits the bill. I was also attracted to this device because it has power settings. Sometimes what works for me does not work for someone else so it is nice to have some customization there. Lastly the shape, I love the almost rounded shape of the PodStick, it definitely stands out in a lineup. The device came pretty close to having a full battery but if you do need to charge it its very quick.


    The Vaporesso PodStick comes with 2 pods in the kit, a .6 ohm DL pod and a 1.3 ohm MTL pod. Big plus for giving me a choice. At first I tried the 1.3 ohm MTL pod with great joy realizing I could actually MTL vape it. Many companies think something is MTL simply because it has a resistance above 1.0 ohm but this simply isn’t the case. Unless you are getting a nice, tight, “hit you in the back of the throat” kind of vape then it is not MTL. A big plus for giving me a proper MTL vape which I’m sure is a huge plus for anyone trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Now for the down side. Even though the MTL pod has fantastic airflow it is very lacking in flavor. Not a deal breaker, but a big negative.

    Next up was the .6 ohm DL pod. This is what brought things back onto the positive side for me. The DL pod has nice restricted direct lung hit, not too airy, not too restrictive, just right for a .6 ohm pocket mod. The flavor on the DL pod is fantastic, maybe not the best ever, but definitely up there near the top for what it is. I definitely go through the battery quicker this way but I also enjoy every single puff I take.


    The Vaporesso PodStick is a great pocket device if you want something versatile. Maybe not the best at any one thing but it does do many things well. Having the ability to change power levels definitely puts this device ahead of most of the competition. It’s a minor feature that you won’t use very much but when you use it it’s a game changer. My only real complaint is that they used a dark color for the pod. This makes it very hard to know how much juice you have left without pulling out the pod. Hopefully they figure this negative out quickly and offer a clear option down the road. I regularly use my Artery Pal2 when out an about because I can bring one device and a spare pod and on the fly switch between MTL and DL vaping. The PodStick is definitely a contender for finally replacing it. I think Vaporesso did a good job with this and I am happy to own one.


    * Power Modes
    * Appearance
    * DL and MTL pod options
    * DL pod flavor
    * MTL airflow


    * You need to remove the pod to check the juice level
    * Dark color pods so its hard to know how much juice is left
    * MTL flavor


    This device was provided for the purpose of this review

    ~ Bear

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