Aspire Zelos: need a different tank.

Discussion in 'Sub Ohm Tanks' started by toohip, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Mar 16, 2020
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    I tried vaping about a year ago. Bought an Aspire Zelos with a Nautilus 2 tank. Stopped vaping for a year. Last week I completely cleaned out my Nautilus tank and put new o-rings/seal/atomizer on. But the damned thing leaked like crazy. I rechecked everything, re-cleaned and put another set of o-rings/seal/atomizer. Still leaks a bit. Everything is sufficiently screwed on tight enough. I did get correct info on o-ring placement locations at first clean-up so I'm confident I put everything in its correct location. And I'm really not fond of the Nautilus tank. I think it's a screwy conflagration for as heralded it is by some.

    My juice of choice is Ecto Cafe Latte. It really tastes like a creamy cappuccino.

    The Zellos mod/box is 50w. Can anyone suggest another tank that's an easy top fill that won't leak and can use with my Zelos box? Any help would be appreciated.
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