An experiment in charging current and battery life

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    For the last 3 weeks I've been running a simple experiment using different charging rates and checking the life of a charge on my IPV Vesta mod @ 53 watts and a Medusa Reborn rdta w/dual staggered fused claptons @14 ohms. 2 sets of Samsung 30Qs and 2 sets of LG HG2s.

    Charging at 1 amp on my Efest LUC V4, I get approx. 400 puffs before changing batteries. Charging at .5 amps, I get in the neighborhood of around 360 puffs on the same rig. Just to double check, I tried charging in my Nitecore D2 which charges at .5 amps to be sure it wasn't an anomaly in the Efest charger, and sure enough, I get around 360 puffs on a charge.

    Why is this important? Well, the life of a battery is determined in part by the number of charging cycles so I'm thinking if you get more puffs to a charge, that means you'll be charging less often and theoretically at least, batteries should last longer. Now, in the long run, it may not mean anything and will require more testing but the 30Qs were bought Sept 3, 2018 from Liion Wholesale and have been charged at 1 amp every time until I started this test about 3 weeks ago.

    To be truly scientific, I suppose I should get a couple of brand new 30Qs and only charge them at .5 amp to see how many charging cycles they last before they won't hold a charge as compared to charging at 1 amp, to see how much difference the rate of charge makes on a battery. I'll try to update this post periodically as to how my batteries are performing at a 1 amp charge rate.

    It may be trivial info to most, but I got curious and wanted to see if charging at 1 amp actually caused more damage to 18650 batteries. I don't know if Mooch has done this kind of long-term test or not. I couldn't find any post or video confirming that he has.

    I've got a couple of sets of 25Rs that were bought on May 3, 2017 and have always been charged at .5 amp and have been used in the 55-65 watt range the whole time. I'll try charging them at 1 amp for a couple of weeks to see how they compare in number of puffs at 1 amp as opposed to .5 amp. Right now, I get between 350 and 360 puffs out of a charge. It shouldn't take long to see if there's any real difference.

    Now, these results are unique to me and my equipment, and style of vaping so the numbers will be different for other folks. I just thought it would be cool to see for sure if rate of charge would make that much difference.

    I'll update on the 25Rs in a couple of weeks.
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