3 Important Good Stuff Flavors You Didn’t Think Would Be So Good

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    One way many smokers add to their repertoire of pipe tobacco flavors is to ask the opinion of fellow smokers. Another way is to read online reviews. Regardless of the form or format, reviews matter. At least, they’ll always give you an idea of what to expect from a tobacco brand or product.

    Speaking of premium pipe tobaccos, it’s impossible to leave out the Good Stuff brand. This brand has consistently delivered excellent flavors such as Good Stuff Menthol, Good Stuff Menthol Gold, Good Stuff Gold, and Good Tobacco Red.

    Let’s look at the latter three flavors, so you understand why the Good Stuff brand maintains a high reputation with us at Smoker’s Outlet and elsewhere.

    The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Menthol Gold

    The freshness of mint is accessible among smokers and non-smokers alike. The Good Stuff Menthol Gold is delicious and has the perfect balance for pipe tobacco. It’s unlike regular menthol tobacco, in that the flavor isn’t overpowering. In any Good Stuff Gold Tobacco review, you’ll find real smokers praising the pleasant aftertaste and menthol freshness.

    The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Gold

    This pipe tobacco flavor holds nothing back in keeping the smoker satisfied. The cut is even and precise, ensuring a nice slow burn. If you’re a beginner or you want a smoother and more mellow tobacco flavor, you should go for the Good Stuff Gold. Any Good Stuff Gold Tobacco review only flavor has beautiful things to say about the taste and the parent brand.

    The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Red

    Some people like to stick to tradition, so they enjoy the classic full tobacco flavors. The Good Stuff Red is known for its natural tones of fresh tobacco, without the masking flavors. When you read the Good Stuff tobacco reviews, you’ll notice how folks repeatedly recommend this blend. You can then understand why it’s one of the market’s best-selling brands.

    Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Red is smooth and has a clean finish. There’s no undesirable aftertaste or harsh pipe smell, as is familiar with many other brands. Every bag has a minimal shake, guaranteeing you’ll enjoy your tobacco until the bag is empty.


    The Good Stuff Premium Pipe Tobacco Brand is the choice brand for many smokers. Many of our customers at Smoker’s Outlet will not let anything into their pipe bowls, and it’s easy to see why. The brand cares about the smoker just as we do. Why not visit our website today to get your taste of some of that Good Stuff?

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