$27.99 Ambition Mods Flagship Luxem 18650/18350 Mosfet Tube Mod!

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    Ambition Mods Flagship Luxem 18650/18350 Mosfet Tube Mod $27.99
    The Luxem is a 18350 tube with an ergonomic shape, support 18350/ 18650. Combined with an excellent design. Equipped with a Mosfet supporting resistances up to 0.25 ohm, it is locked by three successive presses of the switch. Supporting the 22mm atomizers for a flush effect, Ambition also thought of 18mm atomizer users with a ring coming to stay in the top cap of Luxem.
    Dimension 18350Luxem φ23mm*49mm/ 18650Luxem φ23mm*88mm
    Material SS316
    Battery 18650/18350 battery (Not included)
    Resistance Range Minimum resistance 0.25Ω
    Short Circuit Protection.
    Polarity Protection.
    12seconds timeout.
    Sleep mode on in 2 seconds without using.
    Overvoltage Protection
    Low tension protection
    1 x Flagship Luxem 18650/18350 Mosfet Tube Mod
    1 x Flush ring 18mm
    1 x Adapter for atomizer
    Other accessories
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